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At our San Joaquin County base, we offer top-notch pet grooming services, executed with the highest degree of care. Our mission is to ensure your fluffy companion both looks and feels their absolute best.

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Experience outstanding pet grooming without stepping out of the comfort of your home.

At Art Pet Grooming, we’re fueled by a love for animals, and it shows in our excellent services. Our demonstrated history in the field attests to our ability to provide professional, custom care that leaves your pets looking their finest. Our expert groomers use cutting-edge tools and premium products to make every grooming session not just a mundane chore but a tranquil, pleasant experience for your four-legged friend.

Expert Mobile Dog & Cat Grooming
in the San Joaquin County

Professional and Experienced Groomers

Our team is made up of expert professionals with a deep passion for animals. Each groomer is skilled to identify and meet the specific needs of varied breeds, possessing the know-how and experience to manage even the most unique grooming requirements.

Customized Grooming Plans

Art Pet Grooming focuses on providing custom-tailored grooming services that perfectly suit the unique needs and traits of every breed. This tailored strategy ensures your pet not only appears at its finest but also relishes tailored care aimed at promoting its health and comfort.

Convenience and Eco-Friendly Practices

At Art Pet Grooming, we provide the pinnacle of convenience through our mobile grooming services, delivering top-tier care right to your home. We uphold our commitment to sustainability by utilizing environmentally friendly products and methods. This not only ensures the welfare of your beloved pet, but also contributes to the protection of our environment.

Why Choose Us?

High quality products to treat your pet properly.

Mobile Grooming Services For Your Best Convenience.​

Affordable Prices And Exceptional Services.

Professional Team With Expertise In Pet Grooming.

Top-Notch Mobile Dog Grooming
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Experience outstanding pet grooming without stepping out of your home.

At Art Pet Grooming, our love for animals propels us to offer exceptional services. Our years of experience have earned us a sterling reputation for providing professional, tailored care that leaves pets looking and feeling their best. Our expert groomers, armed with the most advanced tools and superior products, ensure that every grooming session is soothing and delightful for your pet.

In 2020, when the pandemic began, it became crucial for individuals and their pets to remain at home for their safety. Bearing this in mind, we formulated a strategy to cater to these individuals effectively without needing them to step outside their homes. This approach was incredibly successful as it meticulously joined the health and wellbeing of our clients’ pets with the safety of the pet owners, all this by bringing our services right their doorstep. We firmly believe that this unique approach significantly contributed to saving lives, while simultaneously bringing joy to numerous people and their pets.

Art Pet Grooming specializes in offering top-notch grooming services for all types of pets. Our team, with its vast industry experience, contains proficient groomers equipped to cater to all your pet’s grooming needs. We provide a host of services such as bathing, haircuts, nail trims, and more, all tailored to address the specific needs of your pet.

Dog grooming is not just about enhancing your furry friend’s appearance. It plays a crucial part in their health and wellbeing as well. Regular grooming can be a preventative measure that wards off skin issues, ear infections, nail injuries, and many other problems that might hinder your dog’s quality of life.


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Expert Mobile Dog & Cat Grooming Services Tailored for Your Pets in San Joaquin County

Welcome to the ultimate experience in mobile pet grooming, designed exclusively for the discerning pet owners of San Joaquin County. Our unique, state-of-the-art mobile service specializes in bringing a full suite of grooming services directly to your doorstep, ensuring your beloved dogs and cats receive the pampering they deserve without leaving the comfort of their home environment. Our dedicated team of grooming experts offers a variety of services tailored to meet the specific needs of your furry friends, from precise trims to luxurious baths,

Discover Unique Mobile Grooming Services for Your Pets in San Joaquin County

Mobile Pet Grooming: A New Way to Pamper Your Pets

In the heart of San Joaquin County, a novel concept is taking pet care to a new level. Picture your beloved pets getting the royal treatment right at your doorstep. That’s exactly what mobile pet grooming services offer – a unique chance for your dogs and cats to be groomed conveniently. Skilled groomers with fully equipped mobile units come to you, eliminating the need for stressful car rides to a traditional grooming location. This is perfect for pets who find traveling daunting or for pet owners with tight schedules.

Services Tailored to Your Pet’s Needs

Each pet is different, and so are their grooming needs. This is why San Joaquin’s mobile pet grooming vans specialize in various services. Whether it’s a basic trim or a specialized artful cut, these mobile teams are trained to handle it all. Here’s what they proudly offer:

  • Mobile dog grooming that ensures your pup looks its best, from snout to tail.
  • Mobile cat grooming to manage even the fussiest felines and keep them calm during their haircut.
  • Soothing baths, nail trims, and ear cleaning that maintain your pet’s hygiene and health.
  • Options for custom-style cuts that reflect your pet’s personality.

These grooming services are designed to cater to your pets’ individual needs, making sure they look great and feel comfortable and loved throughout the process.

Why Choose Mobile Grooming in San Joaquin County

Opting for a mobile pet grooming service in San Joaquin County brings benefits. Let’s consider why this might be the right choice for you:

    1. Convenience is vital – save time with grooming at your home or office.
    2. Reduce stress for your pets by keeping them in their familiar environment.
    3. Personalized attention – the back-to-back appointments of a typical salon do not rush grooming teams.
    4. Professionalism and expertise – rest assured that your pet is in the hands of a specialist who understands their unique grooming requirements.

Meet Our Specialized Team: Mobile Dog and Cat Grooming Experts


Welcome to the World of Specialized Mobile Pet Grooming

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line mobile pet grooming services in San Joaquin County, you’ve come to the right place. Our specialized team is dedicated to providing your beloved dogs and cats with exceptional care on the go. We understand that each pet has unique needs, and we are passionate about catering to them with expertise and love. Our mobile units are fully equipped to offer various grooming services right at your doorstep, ensuring a comfortable experience for you and your precious pets.

Why Choose Our Unique Team?

Our team is not just any ordinary group of groomers – we are artists at heart. With us, mobile dog grooming and mobile cat grooming are performed by experts who specialize in making your pets look and feel their best. We take pride in our work, offering:

      • Customized trims tailored to your pet’s style and breed
      • Gentle handling techniques that keep pets relaxed and happy
      • A creative and sensitive approach to grooming that turns a routine trim into art

It’s not just about looks; we also place immense importance on your pet’s health and wellness. Our team stays updated with the best grooming practices, ensuring your pets leave our care looking tremendous and refreshed.

Mobile Grooming Services Crafted for Your Convenience

Life can get busy, and we recognize the importance of convenient and reliable services. That’s why our mobile pet grooming solution is designed to deliver a stress-free experience for both pets and their owners in San Joaquin County. Our mobile services cover:

      1. Comprehensive grooming – from washes to trims
      2. Specialized grooming for different breeds and sizes
      3. Flexible scheduling to fit into your busy life

When you choose our team, you’re opting for a service catering to your pet’s unique grooming needs with the convenience and care you both deserve. Reach out to us today, and treat your pet to the

A Variety of Grooming Trims and Art Tailored to your pet’s Needs


Personalized Pet Pampering on Wheels

Every furry friend is unique and deserves the best care tailored to their needs, which is why our mobile pet grooming services stand out. We believe in offering a diverse array of grooming options, from essential hygiene trims to more elaborate artistic styling. Our talented team comes directly to your doorstep, serving all of San Joaquin County, ensuring convenience without compromising the quality and attention your pet receives. Whether for your sprightly canine or your graceful feline, our mobile dog and cat grooming services are designed to keep your pets looking their best.

Services that Cater to Every Whisker and Wag

When pampering your pets, our services are not just about the basics. We specialize in grooming that considers your pet’s distinctive characteristics. Our offerings include:

      • A thorough assessment to understand your pet’s specific grooming needs
      • Essential trims to maintain a clean and healthy coat
      • Creative styling to let your pet’s personality shine through

Regardless of breed or size, our experienced groomers bring an artful touch to every service, leaving your pet looking dapper and wonderful. We take pride in our work; nothing speaks louder than the wag of a freshly groomed tailor and the content purr of a well-pampered cat.

A Tailor-made Experience for Your Furry Companions

Understanding that each pet has unique quirks and comfort zones, our mobile grooming service focuses on providing a stress-free experience for you and your animal companion. Our groomers, skilled in various trims and art, specialize in making the grooming session a relaxing time. The convenience of our mobile service means we come to you, eliminating the need to travel – a perk that pets with anxiety or travel stress particularly appreciate. We are more than just groomers; we are a team dedicated to enriching your pet’s well-being, proving that our service is not just a luxury but a necessity tailored to meet your pet’s needs and exceed your expectations.